Nancy Melcher Landscape Design provides a full range of design services to meet your unique needs:

Initial Consultation

Nancy will initiate a 30-60 minute telephone conversation with you to discuss your requirements, expectations and budget for a landscape design. The design process then proceeds with an on-site visit and consultation of 2-3 hours. Together with you, Nancy will conduct an inspection and assessment of your property, and document your preferences and needs. Nancy will also take photographs and detailed measurements of your property. A fee for the Initial Consultation is due at the time of the meeting.

Client Brief and Design Estimate

Nancy will prepare a Client Brief that summarizes the design goals and requirements that were discussed at the initial consultation meeting. She will also develop a Design Estimate that outlines the fees and schedule for developing the landscape design and any other required services.

Landscape Design Proposal

With your approval of the Client Brief and Design Estimate, Nancy will prepare a scale drawing of the site's Base Plan. She will also develop a sketch of the Preliminary Concept to be discussed and refined with you at an in-person meeting. A final Concept sketch may be prepared to confirm any changes from the first meeting. With your approval, the final Landscape Design Proposal will be developed and presented including a full-colour scale drawing in Plan along with recommendations for all materials and plantings.

Planting Plans and Working Drawings

Nancy will develop detailed working drawings and planting plans where needed, and facilitate development of construction drawings as required.

Project Management

Nancy offers support to clients including:

Maintenance Plan

Nancy will prepare a customized maintenance plan for each recommended element and plant included in the final design.